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Do Whitening Products Damage Enamel?

Posted on March 07 2015

The question we get asked on a daily basis, "Do at-home teeth whitening products damage tooth enamel?" and we are going to get straight to the point, NO. Now obviously we cannot speak on behalf of all teeth whitening products out their but what we can say is that when an at-home teeth whitening product such as BrighterWhite is used as recommended, there will be no enamel damage, removing or stripping.

For the information geeks, here’s a little more detail:

The enamel of a tooth is the outside layer of each tooth which is composed of thousands and thousands of micro "rods" that inevitably catch debris and stains as our go about our lives. The active whitening agent hydrogen peroxide is an effective oxidizing agent which works to remove these nasty elements whilst not harming the enamel rods.


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