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Things to Know before Whitening Your Teeth

Posted on June 21 2016

Most of our mornings are spent in front of the bathroom mirror to give our teeth the perfect white shine we all die for. Pearly white teeth are a dream for every individual because they make your smile much more attractive on the eye. However, with age, your teeth start losing the natural whiteness they once possessed which is because the upper enamel starts to wear off exposing the lesser white dentin layer. On the other hand, the foods we consume also tend to leave stains on our teeth. Thus, there are so many problems with just one solution, that is a visit to your dentist. If you are too lazy to do that or perhaps if you are on a budget and want to rely on your do-it-yourself dental care tips, then here are few things that you definitely need to keep in mind:

Different Teeth Whitening Products Have Different Strengths.

You find a variety of teeth whitening products at the drug store that you need to apply on your teeth to ensure whiter and healthier teeth. These products help restore your enamel by removing unwanted stains from the teeth that look unpleasant and ugly. The teeth whitening products include whitening strips, gel trays, and mouthwashes etc. The effectiveness of each product typically found in drug stores work to some-extent and can be used without much worrying if approved by ACCC, however the results are often not satisfying. The chemical that helps remove stains from your teeth is known as hydrogen peroxide and is present in different concentrations & formula’s in various dental products. This means they have different strengths & formulation which means you can’t expect same results from two different teeth whitening products.

Different Individuals Have Different Reactions To Same Products.

All of us have different lifestyles, different eating habits and different shapes of teeth. This has an effect on the sensitivity and other related factors of oral hygiene where the way your friend’s teeth look after a treatment may not mean your teeth might also have the same results. Your teeth may be prone to sensitivity or infection due to minor teeth whitening blunders whereas your friend’s teeth are resistant to such problems. So it important to know whether a product suits you or not before opting for it.

There are fewer chances of destroying the enamel completely.

The use of proper teeth whitening products and their use according to their instructions can help you avoid the fear of damaging your enamel. We fear damaging the enamel so we don’t use a number of useful teeth whitening products approved by the ACCC which can help your smile look attractive and bright. It is important to use a trusted brand to know ensure the products can help restore your enamel instead of harming it.

Not all people need to go for teeth whitening.

Although teeth whitening products are 100% safe, they are not good for everyone as they can lead to increased sensitivity or number of other problems for certain people. These include pregnant women, women who breastfeed or people with sensitive teeth as the whitening procedure can cause more harm than benefit.  

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