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$500 7 Day Smile Challenge Official Rules

BrighterWhite 7 Day Smile Challenge Terms & Conditions

The BrighterWhite 7 Day Smile Challenge is a competition we run each month where one lucky winner can win themselves $500 cash! To enter you must simply take a 'before' photo, then use any of our Teeth Whitening Kit's for 30 minutes a day for 7 days, then take an 'after' photo. Once both images are taken, complete your entry by sending both images to us at along with a couple of sentences telling us what you thought about our product. Once this is complete you will be in the running to win the cash prize! Please note the following terms of the competition:

1) This prize is awarded on the first Monday of every month.

2) In order for there to be a winner there must be at least 10 entrants total per month.

3) Entry does not only make you eligible to win the month you entered in, your entry will be considered for many months after your entry month.

4) The prize of $500 AUD will be sent via PayPal to the address specified by the winner.

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