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7 Day Smile Challenge Results!

Scroll down to browse some of the results from our 7 Day Smile Challenge below! The BrighterWhite 7 Day Smile Challenge is a competition we run every month where one lucky winner can win themselves $500 cash and a lovely white smile!

How To Enter:

1) Before using any of our Teeth Whitening Kit'stake a photo smiling in natural lighting with our 'Day 1' card positioned underneath your teeth.

2) Use our Kit for 30 minutes a day for 7 days, then take the same photo, in the same lighting, but with the 'Day 7' side of the card positioned underneath your teeth.

3) Email your photos to us at along with a couple of sentences telling us what you thought about our products.

The winner is announced via Instagram on the first Monday evening of each month so be sure to be following us!

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