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'How-To' Guide


Step By Step Guide


how do i whiten my teeth?

Step 1) Boil water in a pot or kettle and then let the heat reduce slightly so that the water is no longer bubbling. If a kettle was used continue to pour the water into a bowl. Whilst holding the tab on the front of the mouth tray, submerge it into the boiling water and stir for 3-6 seconds.

NOTE - Overheating may damage or over-shrink the tray.

 how do i whiten my teeth at home

Step 2) You will notice the tray begin to wilt. Allow the tray to cool just enough to eliminate the possibility of burning your mouth and bite it firmly.

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Step 3) Carefully cut off the mouth tray handle using a pair of scissors. Please repeat steps 1-3 with a new mouth tray for your bottom set of teeth.

how to whiten your teeth at home

Step 4) Apply a small 'bead sized' amount of solution to the middle of each tooth's imprint you wish to whiten. Please note the amount of solution should be enough to cover the whole front surface of each tooth without it overflowing onto your gums.

best ways to whiten teeth

Step 5) Position the mouth tray's in your mouth and press the sides with your fingers to spread the gel evenly over the teeth.

how do i whiten my smile?

Step 6) Once the gel filled mouth trays are in place, open the battery compartment and remove the plastic electric-current stopper placed below both batteries. Once done, replace the batteries, turn on and place the device over the top of the trays for the entire duration. Once this is completed you can sit back and relax for 30-60 minutes whilst BrighterWhite works away!

Optional Step 6 Addition) If you experience any light teeth sensitivity for a short period after treatment the desensitisation gel can be used in the same way and duration as the teeth whitening gel to remove this, this application is without the LED Accelerator Light though.

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Step 7) Once complete, remove and wipe all components and rinse your mouth. Repeat applications for 7-14 days once or twice a day depending on your current tooth shade and goal tooth shade.

'How-To' Whitening Pen


best teeth whitening pen

Step 1: Firstly ensure your teeth are clean, then shake the pen well for 5 seconds, remove cap and twist the bottom clockwise several times until the gel covers the brush tip.

teeth whitening pen

Step 2) Gently apply a thin layer of gel onto the front of each tooth you wish to whiten, avoiding gums or lips.

best teeth whitening pen australia

Step 3) Wait 20 seconds for the gel to dry on your teeth before allowing contact with lips and tongue (Smile for 20 seconds). Once completed, leave gel on and wipe off several hours later.


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